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French, Spanish, German, Russian and Mandarin Language Tuition

Academic Tutors Surrey can offer language tuition at all levels. Our tutors cover a wide range of languages, including but not limited to French, Spanish, German, Russian and Mandarin. At Academic Tutors Surrey we know that there are many different methods and different reasons for learning languages with some methods being more effective than others. One-to-one tuition being more focused and personalised will give the student the opportunity to fully practice their conversation, reading and writing skills. We can supply a native or fluent speaker for one-to-one tuition, either to prepare for GCSE or A levels, to help brush up on a language for professional reasons or to learn a new language for pleasure.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

Academic Tutors Surrey can offer English as a Foreign Language for all ages, whether it be for a young student who has relocated from abroad needing to assimilate to the British school system, a university student studying abroad or an adult needing to improve their English for work/business purposes. Our tutors are qualified CELTA or TESOL English teachers and can help with exam preparation for IELTS and Cambridge exams and will focus on all sides of the English language from conversation to reading, writing and comprehension

Tuition in languages is available online. Our tutors offer remote, interactive learning via a range of dedicated and industry standard applications utilising video call, online whiteboards and shared resources.



Having searched for a tutor to help Chloe with her English, we found this to be very timing consuming and turned to Academic Tutors Surrey for a free consultation. A tutor was in place promptly and Chloe has made great progress since.

A trustworthy, efficient and personal service which takes the stress out of finding the perfect tutor.

Caroline Jones Guildford

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