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At Academic Tutors Surrey we offer tuition in the three core sciences – Chemistry, Physics and Biology for all levels including KS2/3, GCSE and A level. We have tutors who can cover all major exam boards in each individual science and tutors who can help with the Combined Science curriculum at GCSE.

Chemistry can be referred to as the “central science” as it has an important role in connecting other sciences to each other such as biology, physics, geology and environmental science. It is the study of the properties of and interactions between matter and energy and is therefore a key science required for many areas of further study, including medicine, pharmacology and geochemistry.

Physics, the study of matter, energy and their interactions has an important role in the future progress of mankind.  With this knowledge, technological advances are made possible which drive the economic engines of the world. Physics is a key science required for many areas of further study, including engineering, pharmacology and computer science.

Biology helps students understand the interaction between humanity and the world and is a key science for many areas of further study, including medicine, pharmacy and forensic science.  While at GCSE level, topics such as cell biology, bioenergetics and ecology are studied, at advanced level, the subject is made up of major core components which include cell biology, biochemistry and physiology.

Tuition for Science is available online. Our tutors offer remote, interactive learning via a range of dedicated and industry standard applications utilising video call, online whiteboards and shared resources.


So glad we made the right choice and asked Academic Tutors to help Sophie with her Maths. We had tried a few tutors in the past and struggled to find someone who clicked with Sophie.

Academic Tutors were great and placed us with a wonderful tutor who really gelled with Sophie and made such a difference to her attainment.

Thank you so much

Tamsin West Guildford

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