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Social science is a group of academic disciplines that examine human behaviour and specifically how people interact with each other, behave, develop as a culture and influence the world.

At Academic Tutors Surrey, we provide expert tuition in the following subjects. Our tutors are all qualified, experienced, graduates, that are DBS checked and fully vetted.

Economics A Level: the study of the behaviour of individuals, firms and government in aiming to achieve wealth and well-being.  A Level students can go on to University to study Economics and many related degrees.

Politics A Level: There are three broad areas of study in this specification: the government and politics of the UK, the government and politics of the USA and comparative politics, political ideas. Many students continue to study Politics at University or in related subjects such as International Relations.

Psychology A Level: Psychology is the “scientific study of the mind and behaviour” and the A Level offers an introduction to six ‘core’ areas of the discipline. Students can go on to University to study a degree in psychology, criminology, sociology, biology or education studies.

Sociology A Level: A Level Sociology examines social behaviour from different perspectives: how it originates and then develops and the ways people are organized into groups according to differences such as class, gender and race. A Level students may go on to pursue a degree in sociology, economics, psychology or politics.


We are really impressed with the team at Academic Tutors Surrey. They really take the time to listen to your needs and provide advice. The service from them has exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend them if you are looking for a home tutor.

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