Preparing for Year 6 SATS and/or 11+ Examinations

Children in Year 6 Primary school are facing their first important exams this year. Are they prepared adequately? Is their curriculum knowledge in Maths and English sufficient with no gaps? Are they feeling confident? Do your children require help with Reasoning exam papers?

All state funded schools require students to sit SATS examinations in Year 6, which are set for May 2020. Children who are aiming to enter independent schools, will have to tackle the 11+ entry exams for each specific school – usually taken in January.

At Academic Tutors Surrey, we already have many dedicated Primary Tutors working with Year 5 and Year 6 children to help build their confidence, subject knowledge and to develop the necessary exam skills. Our Primary Tutors focus on the UK national curriculum and preparation for both SATS and 11+ exam papers. They have experience in preparing youngsters for their exam, ensure that children enjoy their home learning and benefit from the additional support.

What Are SATS?

SATs are Standard Assessment Tests which are taken in Year 6. Primary SATS are now more rigorous than ever and they are used to test the National Primary Curriculum, measuring children on literacy and maths. They focus on reading, maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar. SATS examinations are taken by Year 6 pupils in all English state schools. The results are used by Ofsted and published in school performance league tables. Secondary schools use the results to review individual attainment and to prepare for incoming Year 7 students.

What Are 11+ Examinations

The 11+ is a selective entrance examination for secondary school, used by both state grammar schools and many private schools to identify the most academically able children. The exam is usually taken towards the beginning of Year 6 in primary school. While the content and structure of the 11+ exam varies between different areas of the country, it will generally focus on a combination of English, Maths, Verbal reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning. The content of the English and Maths tests generally follow the National Curriculum, while verbal and non-verbal reasoning are additional. Some schools are known to test Science and/or Languages.

Invest In your Children

Investing in home tuition for your child ahead of their SATS or 11+ examinations will enable them to achieve the best possible results, which will greatly benefit them when they move on to a secondary school, grammar or private school. Our children deserve the chance to fulfil their own true potential.

Our home tutors will work closely with your child, measuring their current abilities and focussing on identifying and filling gaps in the syllabus. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your child will go into their exams feeling well prepared and confident in their own ability.

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