Online Tutoring fills the Education Gap – Preparations for Coronavirus

According to Unesco, 29 countries around the world have now closed schools nationwide, with a further 20 countries implementing localised school closures in response to COVID-19. The UK Government is yet to follow this pattern in other countries, though we have seen isolated school closures in some regions leading to disruption in children’s studies amongst many aspects of family life.

With the prospect of increased school closures and the possibility of major exams being delayed until the Autumn term, families may want to consider additional educational support online or learning programmes over the summer.

As social interactions become less desirable, students are turning to online tutors to fill the educational gap leading to a significant increase in requests for online tutors. Our experienced, fully vetted tutors are able to deliver lessons via our Online Whiteboard and/or traditional online communication tools like Skype.

Academic Tutors Surrey provides tuition for all academic subjects remotely, online. We cover Maths, English, Science, Languages and Humanities amongst others. Our tutors will work with students to identify and fill gaps in their curriculum knowledge, parallel their ongoing syllabus and help with preparation for exams. We also support SEN students including those with dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism.

Our flexible approach to tuition allows students to use tuition hours flexibly across subjects, providing tutors in other subjects as and when required.

Benefits Of Online Learning

  • Eliminates the possibility of passing on illness or disease between tutor and student.
  • Increased flexibility in lesson timings as tutor travel time is eliminated.
  • Access to the best tutors in any subject countrywide with no geographical constraints on location.
  • Ability to record lessons and learning material to review at a later date.
  • Easy access to the best learning resources online.
  • Learning with online interactive tools improves technology skills of student.

If you would like to discuss how your children may benefit from online tuition, please contact us on 01483 363052.

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Finding the Ideal Tutor

Selecting the best home tutor for your child is essential and our team at Academic Tutors Surrey have the experience to make the right choice. We hand pick every one of our tutors, ensuring they meet set criteria when it comes to subject specialism, teaching skills and delivering lessons personably and effectively.

All our tutors have successfully been through a rigorous interview process and demonstrated that they have excellent experience of teaching their specialist subject to a specific age group or age range. They are each educated with a relevant Bachelor’s degree.

Another essential part of our interview process includes obtaining background references and carrying out enhanced DBS checks to ensure peace-of-mind. However, we don’t just rely on paperwork and we take the time to get to know our tutors.

We appreciate that many people have the skills to be a tutor, but we look for added characteristics too. During the interview we check that our candidates display qualities that make for an exceptional tutor so that we are confident when it comes to placing them in your home.

One of our recent clients Thomas King said: “The team at Academic Tutors have made finding our tutors seamless. Our experience with both tutors has been exceptional, professional, and friendly. Our son has now passed his 11+ to two schools.”

The tutors we place are approachable, friendly, and put their students at ease. They take the time to understand their student’s needs and have the patience to work at the right pace, using the most engaging learning material.

With a deep understanding of their subject they can make the most of every tuition session. They will carefully work through topics and make sure they teach in a way that their students can truly understand, while answering any questions they have. This builds the confidence of students, which is critical in the learning process and when exam time arrives.

Our tutors realise that every student is unique and therefore they are adaptable when it comes to teaching methods and tools. They will request feedback from parents and students to make sure they are meeting requirements. Most of all, our tutors are passionate about teaching their subjects and helping students to achieve the best possible results.

If you would like us to find you the ideal home tutor, please call us on 01483 363052

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Homeschooling Is On The Rise

Academic Tutors Surrey supports families with children who are being homeschooled to help ensure they are receiving the best possible home education. Many parents opt to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons, whether it is due to their child having special needs, health issues, or a general dissatisfaction with the school environment or class size.

In recent years we have found that the number of children being educated at home is increasing. According to recent findings, homeschooling across the UK has rocketed by more than 40% in the past three years. In 2018 figures revealed that over 57,000 children were being homeschooled and today that figure is estimated to be even higher.

Legally all children must receive an education, but there is no obligation for them to attend a school. However, it is vital that children are able to benefit from homeschooling, so steps do need to be taken to ensure they gain the right support.

Academic Tutors Surrey can assist with your homeschooling requirements, whether for individual subjects, or for planning your child’s entire curriculum. We can provide in-home tuition for all academic subjects and for all age groups. We also offer tuition online for added support.

Claire, a Surrey parent commented: “We are really impressed with the team at Academic Tutors Surrey. They take the time to listen to your needs and provide advice. The service from them has exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend them if you are looking for a home tutor.”

Homeschoooling has many benefits as it provides flexibility and enables parents to build on their child’s strengths and interests. Parents can decide what to teach and can work at their child’s own pace. Most parents find that home education provides a personalised and adaptable learning environment.

Our tutors have the experience to provide useful tips when it comes to homeschooling your child. We can help you to develop a structured approach, set goals, source learning resources and register with exam centres.

If you would like to discuss your child’s education, please get in contact with us for a free consultation.

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Parents and Schools Embrace the Benefits of Private Tuition

The new academic term is upon us, and this is traditionally a time of year when parent and student minds begin to focus on academic ambitions for this year. Whether it is for GCSE or A level exams fast approaching in May, entrance exam preparation for new schools or general curriculum tuition for any subject, this is the time to reach out for extra support from Academic Tutors Surrey.

Private tuition is becoming increasingly popular as parents and students realise the benefits. Survey results from the Sutton Trust and the National Foundation for Educational Research reveal that 27% of 11-16-year olds in England and Wales had private tuition at some point in 2019, and the number is much higher in London and the South East. This is a huge increase on 18% when the survey first began in 2005.

This figure is likely to rise as many schools are now considering investing in private tutoring for pupils as they are aware of the huge benefits of one-to-one tuition when it comes to providing extra support and helping to improve achievements for all.

According to recent media reports, schools across England received more than £2bn in pupil premium funding in 2019 and some of the funds are being invested in private tuition for pupils. While the funding can be used to raise the achievement of disadvantaged pupils, it is up to individual schools to decide how to use their allocation.

Geoff Barton, Leader of the Association of School and College Leaders spoke out to BBC News and backed the use of pupil premium for private tuition, saying school leaders should make their own decisions about what makes the biggest difference.

He commented: “The evidence shows that one-to-one tuition can be an effective approach to boosting progress. However, it is expensive to provide this additional level of support in schools and buying in a service could be a cost-effective method of supporting students in this way,” said Mr Barton.

Boosting progress is at the heart of our ethos at Academic Tutors Surrey and we find great satisfaction in helping our students to achieve the best they possibly can. We recently received a 5-star review from Charlotte, a parent who has invested in maths tutoring for her son.

Charlotte said: “A great turnaround and tutor provided. Our son has now moved up two grades in maths. Thank you!”

We work with youngsters of all ages, providing support as required. Our tutors cover all academic subjects from Primary age through to A levels, and we currently have experienced, vetted and DBS checked tutors available to help with one-to-one tuition in your home.

If you would like to discuss your home tutoring requirements, please contact us on 01483 363052.

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Preparing for Year 6 SATS and/or 11+ Examinations

Children in Year 6 Primary school are facing their first important exams this year. Are they prepared adequately? Is their curriculum knowledge in Maths and English sufficient with no gaps? Are they feeling confident? Do your children require help with Reasoning exam papers?

All state funded schools require students to sit SATS examinations in Year 6, which are set for May 2020. Children who are aiming to enter independent schools, will have to tackle the 11+ entry exams for each specific school – usually taken in January.

At Academic Tutors Surrey, we already have many dedicated Primary Tutors working with Year 5 and Year 6 children to help build their confidence, subject knowledge and to develop the necessary exam skills. Our Primary Tutors focus on the UK national curriculum and preparation for both SATS and 11+ exam papers. They have experience in preparing youngsters for their exam, ensure that children enjoy their home learning and benefit from the additional support.

What Are SATS?

SATs are Standard Assessment Tests which are taken in Year 6. Primary SATS are now more rigorous than ever and they are used to test the National Primary Curriculum, measuring children on literacy and maths. They focus on reading, maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar. SATS examinations are taken by Year 6 pupils in all English state schools. The results are used by Ofsted and published in school performance league tables. Secondary schools use the results to review individual attainment and to prepare for incoming Year 7 students.

What Are 11+ Examinations

The 11+ is a selective entrance examination for secondary school, used by both state grammar schools and many private schools to identify the most academically able children. The exam is usually taken towards the beginning of Year 6 in primary school. While the content and structure of the 11+ exam varies between different areas of the country, it will generally focus on a combination of English, Maths, Verbal reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning. The content of the English and Maths tests generally follow the National Curriculum, while verbal and non-verbal reasoning are additional. Some schools are known to test Science and/or Languages.

Invest In your Children

Investing in home tuition for your child ahead of their SATS or 11+ examinations will enable them to achieve the best possible results, which will greatly benefit them when they move on to a secondary school, grammar or private school. Our children deserve the chance to fulfil their own true potential.

Our home tutors will work closely with your child, measuring their current abilities and focussing on identifying and filling gaps in the syllabus. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your child will go into their exams feeling well prepared and confident in their own ability.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please call our team on 01483 363052 or email

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Home Tutoring Can Build Confidence Following GCSE and A-Level Mocks

At Academic Tutors Surrey we are encouraging students to start preparing for their GCSE and A-level examinations in summer 2020. It comes as many students prepare to sit their mocks over the coming weeks.

The mock exams provide the ideal opportunity for students to get a feel for the exam papers and if grades do not turn out as hoped, or elements of the papers proved challenging, our GCSE and A-level tutors can step in to help.

From our extensive experience we know that the winter months are an ideal time to secure a tutor. Investing in a quality tutoring service now will allow us time to establish and fill any gaps in knowledge, build on subject confidence and work on the all-important exam technique.

Our friendly tutors will teach in the comfort of your own home, providing outstanding academic support to help your teenager through these essential exams. We cover all exam boards including AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

They will take the time to discuss challenges encountered in the mock exams, read class notes, suggest resources to aid revision, run through revision techniques – and so much more.

If you would like to discuss our GCSE or A-Level home tuition services, please call our team on 01483 363052 or email

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Choosing the Right Maths Tutor

Our team at Academic Tutors Surrey is calling on parents across the county to consider the importance of investing in trusted maths tutors. It follows a number of recent enquiries about our one-to-one maths tuition services for youngsters of primary school age through to GCSE and A-level students – all with a range of different requirements.

It is important to source a home tutor through a well-regarded company to ensure essential checks have been carried out. We are continuously growing our network of professional maths tutors as there is high demand for those who are experienced to teach all ages and abilities. All our home tutors are handpicked, and pre-vetted to provide our clients with peace-of-mind. We understand how important it is that tutors are DBS checked and can be trusted to go into any home environment.

When making enquiries, consider what you require from a tutor today and in the longer-term. Any professional company will be student-focused and will take the time to understand your needs. They should gain as much information as possible so that they can supply a tutor who will provide the best support, at the right level, and in a style that delivers positive results.

From the word go, your home tutor should fill you will confidence by developing a personalised programme for your youngster. Whether they require support with revision and exam preparation, help to overcome challenges or to develop maths skills – you should quickly see the benefits of your investment. We keep in touch with our clients to ensure they are getting the most out of their sessions.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us today.

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